WeChat Pay

Offer WeChat Pay in your Store and Increase your Sales

Easy and Zero-cost Enrollment

Within just 10 days you can get started. You only pay a small transaction fee, similar to other payment systems

Settle Transactions in Local Currency

Chinese Customers pays in RMB, while DKK is sent directly to your Bank Account in Denmark

WeChat Pay in your Webshop

Provide Chinese language and WeChat Pay on your website. Advertise on Chinese social media and start selling

WeChat Pay: Future Dominance

  1. Chinese use QR codes for payment everywhere. Familiarity and e-wallet payment will increase their spending – credit cards are phasing out
  2. WeChat Pay is part of WeChat – China’s, by far, dominant social media. The WeChat integration provides some benefits you should be aware of!
  3. WeChat Pay and AliPay are the two leading payment systems in China. WeChat Pay has been taking market share fast the past years and continue to do so

Chinese Tourists in Denmark

Chinese people will travel to Denmark much more in the future
This Tourist Segment will be the most Important the next 15 years !

In 2018, 40% more Chinese tourists will visit Denmark compared with last year

In 2018, Chinese Tourists will spend 500 Million DKK in Denmark

Chinese Tourist spend 4 times more than an average tourist in Denmark

Attract more Chinese Tourists

prefer Chinese mobile payment

9 out of 10 Chinese Tourist prefer to use Chinese Mobile Payment in Denmark

experience increased sale

59% of Stores, who offer Chinese Mobile Pay report Increased sale

increased customer satisfaction

70% of Stores with Chinese Mobile pay experience Increased Customer Satisfaction

Our Solution Benefits

Our Payment Affiliate is WeChat Pay’s Largest Global Partner In- and Outside China
They operate more than 1M merchants and are partly owned by Sequoia Capital

Highest International Security Standards: ATSEC, PCI-DSS

Smartphone App, Scanner and Web-module in one Solution

Extract all transaction data: Integrate with POS/Business system

We provide a “We accept WeChat Pay” symbol visible in your store or web-shop

Innovative Chinese
Social Media Tactics

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