Social Media Management

Increase brand trust and awareness by enhancing your social media presence. With the right portion of market understanding, timing and social media selection, it is possible to generate millions of followers.

Find the Right Social Media Mix

The social media platforms you choose to prioritize should depend on your product category, business model and marketing budget

WeChat is a Must, but Start Elsewhere

WeChat is the best platform for engagement and monetization, but is a closed network, and therefore not optimal for increasing traction initially

Start with "Secondary" Platforms

Leverage “secondary” social media platforms, including: video-, tourist-, Q&A- and recommendation, and THEN draw users to "primary" platforms

China's SoMe & Account Set Up

Why is social media strategy more important in China than elsewhere? What are China’s primary social media platforms, and should my brand be active on these? Which secondary social media platforms are relevant to my brand, and why?

  • Chinese social media unlike Western social media, is not centered around Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; it has its own home-grown social media platforms.
  • Having accounts on China’s primary social media platforms, WeChat and Weibo, is a must! This is where your brand can connect, engage, and send content to its followers on a regular basis. And, in a land where consumers place top priority on in-depth brand content, the importance of continuous content and nurturing of users cannot be understated.
  • Engagement on secondary social media platforms is also imperative, upon smart utilization, your brand can achieve a higher ROI for CPM and CAC than it could from engagement on primary platforms alone. Start by assessing and locating platforms relevant to your brand, locating your target audiences, and apply this insight to outline your secondary social media strategy.


Effective content is one of the most powerful tools to drive audience engagement with your brand. We focus on developing differentiated content that can generate high sharing and conversion rates. Having offices in both Europe and China, we are able to work with brands on location to produce professional cross-cultural content, including but not limited to:

  • Full-article production
  • Smart localization of branding, narrative, product descriptions, and services for the Chinese market
  • Effective, contextualized design and formatting, based on branding and insight
  • Optimizing and linking of marketing content with your e-shop

Short Video Production

Who says that China is playing catch up? In this arena, China got a head start versus its Western counterparts:

“Chinese users were able to embed multimedia content in social media more than 18 months before Twitter users could do so in the United States” —McKinsey

  • Achieve up to 800% higher conversion rates
  • Quickly reveal Chinese consumers’ emotional purchase triggers
  • Full-video production: Recording done in Europe, editing and production done in China
  • Distribution strategy and execution across primary and secondary platforms

KOL Management

We create win-win relationships with micro-KOLs, where the KOL and brand work synergistically to bolster each others’ reputations – for a significantly lower starting fee than what is charged by top-tier KOLs. This approach goes hand-in-hand with the ethos of influencer marketing, which is co-creation and openness from both sides.

  • Testing and development of KOLs done in close collaboration with the brand
  • Match-making and management services
  • Brand materials and guideline sharing made easy via our customized client templates

Customer Relationship Management

Measure the results of engagement to improve your relationship with customers and users. Receive information on key figures, including:

  • Users and followers (Account name / age / gender / geographic location / consumption habits)
  • Marketing campaigns (Number and demographics of readers / no. of likes / comments / no. of shares / SoMe brand mentions)
  • Industry (Quantitative industry analysis of target audience platforms / sales conversion rates / SoMe consumption / category-specific SoMe product and SKU trends and data / trending category topics)
  • KOL (names / profiles / impact rating: views & likes / shares / sales conversion rates)

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