Market Research & Planning

Gain a better understanding of your opportunities. Use research and consumer insights to augment your business by placing market intelligence at its core

Market Research Analysis

If you aren't sure which platform(s) you should be on, let us provide you with in-depth, industry-specific research, so that you can make an informed decision prior to launch.

Locate Target Audiences

The Chinese market is very fragmented, making it more imperative to diligently segment your markets. Increase your ROI by first defining, then locating and engaging with the right target audiences.

Find your Angle

Engage with your target audiences by identifying your own creative and unconventional routes to market. Declutter the process through curating your own unique, strategic approach.

Market Research Analysis

  • Industry-specific trends, behaviors and weaknesses
  • Target customer demographics
  • Barriers to sales conversion
  • Benchmarking of competition

Target Audiences

  • Which target audiences are relevant?
  • Which social media platforms does your target audience connect to?
  • What do they like; what is their style and attitude in regards to consumption?
  • What do they see differently from others?

Find your Angle

  • Spot market weaknesses, early trends or bring category “news”
  • Dramatize product benefits and enhance product USP’s
  • Differentiate through purpose, personality, values, and design
  • Associate country origin lifestyles

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