Tourist Marketing

Chinese tourists present a tremendous opportunity for retail trade in Europe today, and even more so in the future

Chinese Plan Before They Depart

Account for the unique characteristics of Chinese tourists; 70% of Chinese seek out information on Chinese Tourist Platforms before their trip

Leverage Chinese SM Platforms

Grow brand awareness on Chinese tourist and social media platforms to increase sales by drawing more Chinese tourists to your store

Start Monetizing Chinese Tourists

Design a smart marketing strategy, which prioritizes the three major tourist spending categories: shopping, hotels and dining

Market Opportunity

If Chinese tourists are not included in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an enormous potential!

In 2017, 120 million Chinese tourists traveled overseas and spent 192 B €. By 2025, that number is projected to grow to 354 B €.

Chinese tourists use specialized travel– and social media platforms to find destinations, design travel plans, share their experiences, find out which hotels to stay at and what stores to go to.

Who to Target

There are two main Chinese tourist segments: Group Tour Travelers and Free Independent Travelers (FITs). It is the FITs you should pay attention to, they already constitute a growing 70% of the market. FITs are:

Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan

Marketing to Chinese tourists can be very difficult. They often have a completely different perception. If you want to attract Chinese tourists, you should first understand your target group’s purchase motivators.

52% of Chinese travelers say they will listen to another person’s recommendation before they travel. This emphasizes the importance of having a strong presence on Chinese social media and tourist platforms. Videos and high quality content should be a part of your marketing strategy to provide the necessary emotional engagement.

Reach Millions of Chinese Tourists

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