Miktos assist Scandinavian brands entering the most important consumer market in the World, selling directly to Chinese e-consumers. Cost-effectiveness and different routes are our focus. We leverage cheaper “secondary” Social Media platforms ( Zhihu, Douban, Douyin etc.) and Cross-Border eCommerce (CBEC) channels. We create marketing content with emphasis on creative (Chinese contextualized) mini-programs and short video series and distribute these through micro-KOLs (influencers). Our skilled team is based in Chongqing where labor costs are 1/3 compared with Chinese T1 cities.


Miktos means to MIX or to BLEND

The word was first used by ancient Stoic Philosophers

Stoicism has similar values as Confucianism and Taoism:

The ability to suffer All kinds of Hardship

To Never Give Up

To Always find a way


Jacob Juul-Lou


Lili Juul-Lou


Brenna Hart


Erica Jiang


Vincent Wang

UI Designer

Xiao Yu (Alfie)

Video Producer

Innovative Chinese
Social Media Tactics

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