Start Selling to Chinese Consumers

Chinese consumers will grow much richer over the next 15 years. They already account for 1/3 of all luxury product purchases across the world, and they are only getting started....

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Understand How to Motivate Chinese Consumers

Before you start Selling to Chinese, you Should First Develop a Basic Understanding of how to align your Brand- and Product Characteristics with Chinese Purchase Motivators.

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Advertise on Chinese Social Media

Leverage our 7-step Action Plan Of Content, Community and eCommerce

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First: Create Traction in Chinese Social Media
Then: Start Selling through Chinese e-Channels

Draw users from “Secondary” Platforms

i.e.: Zhihu, Douban, Kuaishou, Douyin, Meipai

Lead users to WeChat & Weibo Accounts

Feed content and start building followers

Convert users to Buyers

Setup your CBEC channel and start selling

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Start Selling to China

7-step Action Plan

Unlock your brand's China potential. Leverage our 7-step model of content, community and e-commerce, and optimize your ROI.

  1. Basic Research
  2. Define Target Audience
  3. Find Your Angle
  4. Set up Social Media Accounts
  5. Select CBEC Channels
  6. Create Content
  7. Build Traction with KOLs

The Future of Mobile Pay

WeChat Pay

WeChat is China’s most Important Social Media with more than 1 billion users.

  • Attract more Chinese Tourists
  • Integrate WeChat Pay in your Webshop

WeChat Pay is Completely Free to Install

Attract more Chinese Tourists

prefer Chinese mobile payment

9 out of 10 Chinese Tourist prefer to use Chinese Mobile Payment in Denmark

experience increased sale

59% of Stores, who offer Chinese Mobile Pay report Increased sale

increased customer satisfaction

70% of Stores with Chinese Mobile pay experience Increased Customer Satisfaction

Install WeChat Pay

WeChat is China’s most Important Social Media with more than 1 billion users. Whether you:

  1. Own a Store and want to Attract Chinese Tourists, or
  2. Operate an e-Shop and want to sell directly to Chinese e-Shoppers

Integrating WeChat in your Business is Step # 1

WeChat comprise multiple options for Marketing and Payment. Contact us to find out more.

Step 1
Install WeChat Pay

WeChat is Chinas largest social media with more than 1 Billion users.

Step 2
Attract Chinese Consumers

Chinese want to understand your history, values and product quality.

Step 3
Advertise on Social Media

Select the right platforms and create targeted content.

Step 4
Sell through CBEC

Setup your store and start selling directly to Chinese consumers.

Innovative Chinese
Social Media Tactics

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